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Emerging Trends in Higher Education and How You Can Prepare


For nearly two years the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live, work, learn and teach.  As we continue to see new variants emerge and case counts fluctuate, it is becoming clear that we will need to learn to live with the uncertainty that exists in our daily lives.  As we look forward, flexibility and the ability to adapt will be important.  This 90-minute session will provide support and ideas for moving forward with teaching in Higher education.  We will discuss possible future trends and lay out steps for potential course modifications, including modifying outcomes to be online, developing assessments that are more cheat-proof, and activities that can engage students in class and at a distance. 


  • Sarah Bradway, Instructional Designer, CETL
  • John Bellotti, Instructional Designer, College of Business
  • Jeff Mehring, Instructional Designer, CETL & Office of Continuing Education


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