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Can the program be completed entirely asynchronously? 

Yes, the program requires that participants complete 6 trainings. And, just a reminder: be sure to take trainings in each of the 4 areas on online course development.

There are three asynchronous trainings provided by UW Extended Campus. Just click on these links if you wish to enroll: 1) UW Extended Campus - Planning Your Course 2) UW Extended Campus - Developing Your Course; and 3) UW Extended Campus - Teaching Your Online Course

While we originally promoted the UW Oshkosh mini courses as an additional training opportunity, we decided against offering these at this time. 

Any CETL workshop offered synchronously within the Online Teaching and Learning Summer Program can also be competed asynchronously by watching the video for the session. As workshops are completed, the videos will become available. 

Videos Available Currently:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Alternative Delivery

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Online "Pit" Classes

To Meet or Not to Meet, That is the Question: Asynchronous or Synchronous Online Teaching

Into the Great Wide Open: Diversify Your Course Materials with OER and Library Resources

Canvas for the Impatient

Canvas Cave of Doom

Video Creation on a Dime


What do I need to do if I attended a workshop before the program began to ensure you have that information and it's included in my 6 trainings?

All of our CETL workshops in the Online Teaching and Learning Program, whether they were offered before or during the program, were held in Collaborate Ultra. So, if you completed a workshop before the start of the program, we have Collaborate Ultra reports which we can use to confirm your attendance. You do not need to provide us evidence of your attendance.  


How will my participation be recognized if I participate in the UW Extended Campus's online modules and/or watch a video of a workshop? 

For the UW Extended Campus's online modules, we have access to information regarding enrollment in the modules as well as level of engagement with them. To be clear though, we do not see our role as one of policing instructors' participation. Thus, we will not be able to track whether or not you watch video recordings of previously held workshops. And, that's okay because we value being inclusive over policing your participation. The goal of the Online Teaching and Learning Program is to increase instructors' knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of online teaching. Therefore, you will provide an Action Plan and access to one course for review as ways to convey your expertise in online teaching at the end of the program.


Where can I find the Quality Assurance and Best Practices Checklist which will be used to evaluate my course at the end of the program? 

Click here to find the Quality Assurance and Best Practices Checklist. 


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