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Online Teaching and Learning Summer Program

The following will give information on the Summer 2020 CETL professional development plan for incorporating online practices into teaching. Upon successful completion and incorporation of best practices, participants of the program may qualify for a small stipend.


The primary goals of the Online Teaching and Learning Summer Program are for instructors to improve their ability to plan, develop, and facilitate a course while using equitable and inclusive practices that support the whole student. In order to achieve this goal, a team of instructors, instructional designers, and Instructional Technology and online teaching experts have come together to envision a program that includes both synchronous online workshops and online modules developed by UW Extended Campus and ones developed by CETL instructional designers here at UW Oshkosh.

These trainings will provide instructors with strategies, techniques, and tools for online instruction. They cover five critical areas of online course development: 1) planning; 2) creating and selecting materials and activities; 3) building the course in Canvas; 4) facilitating online learning; and 5) implementing inclusive online teaching practices. They also guide instructors on how to meet the goals of making online learning more engaging, building an online community of learners, and creating a highly interactive online learning environment.

As a whole, the program provides ideas and tools to enhance student engagement, increase students’ academic success, and, thus, retain students who did not anticipate taking an online course. Ultimately, the vision is that, altogether, these trainings will infuse many of the high impact and best practices developed in online learning over the last decade into UW Oshkosh courses.


Here are the parameters for successfully completing the Online Teaching Summer Program:

  1. Complete six of the trainings listed in the infographic available here: Online Teaching Workshops Infographic. This infographic will continue to be updated and additional trainings added. 

  2. Of the six trainings, complete one training in each of these two categories: Planning the Course and Building an Online Course. And, complete two trainings in Choosing Materials and Methods and another two in Facilitating Learning. In this last, be sure to choose one of the trainings from the Communication section and one from the Inclusive Teaching section.   

  3. Ensure at least two of the trainings are synchronous online teaching workshops.


Completing the Program

UW System is requesting multiple modes of assessment of the program in order to ensure that the trainings lead to measurable student success.

In keeping with UW System’s request, there are three requirements for completing the program:

  1. A two-page Action Plan which provides a detailed narrative about the learning outcomes that the instructor achieved through the training and the ways that each specific training will translate into the instructor’s ability to offer a high-quality online learning experience for students

  2. Review of one of the instructors’ online course by both members of the Online Teaching and Learning Summer Program assessment committee and either a qualified representative of the department within which the course is offered or, if no qualified representative is available, then, a qualified representative from outside the department

  3. Commitment to administer a survey to students in the course which asks students to reflect on their learning, progress, sense of belonging, and academic success in the course

The assessment of the online course will be conducted through the use of a clearly defined checklist identifying the important institutional quality assurance metrics for online courses. Through use of this checklist, the instructors themselves, departments and leaders of the Online Teaching and Learning Summer Program can assess the completed courses in terms of their readiness to deliver high-quality online learning experiences. This checklist will be provided to instructors before the first training. 

Upon submitting the Action Plan and its approval by the assessment committee, the instructor will receive the first half of the stipend. And, upon completion of an assessment by members of the assessment committee and a department representative, the instructor will receive the final payment of the stipend.


Timeline for Completion of the Program


Thursday, July 9: Applications for the program due by end of day

Sunday, July 12: Applicants are informed of the status of their application

Monday, July 13-Friday, August 7: Online teaching and learning trainings


Friday, August 14: Instructors submit Action Plan and finalize development of one course


 Monday, August 17-Friday, August 28: Review of courses created by instructors by reviewers


 Monday, August 31: Feedback to instructors on course development due


 Sept 1-September 7: Instructors provide revisions to courses, if necessary

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