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Super Heroes Need Not Apply: Teaching with HyFlex and Modified Tutorial Course Models


Afraid you're being asked to be a superhero this fall who drops knowledge in the face-to-face classroom while talking to online students and wielding classroom mics, headsets, doc cams, cool apps, and more? Yeah, let's just admit it: that ain't gonna work. So, what can your everyday amazing instructor achieve in the HyFlex or Modified Tutorial course models? This session will help you figure that out. 

In order to meet the crisis related to the increased spread of COVID-19, to ensure the continuation of instruction, and to increase the likelihood of retaining students, instructors are being asked to teach their face-to-face courses in one of two models this fall: HyFlex or Modified Tutorial. There's been a lot of confusing information on campus about these two models. And, frankly, there's a lot of fake news out there about them as well.

This workshop has been created to address those confusions and provide much needed information about the HyFlex and Modified Tutorial models In turn, it will highlight useful strategies by which to implement in your classrooms in ways that are doable and won't demand you be a superhero.


  • Chad Cotti, Chair, Economics & Course Arrangement and Delivery Team
  • Sarah Bradway, CETL Instructional Designer
  • Brian Ledwell, Instructional Technology Support
  • Stacey Skoning, Chair, Department of Special Education
  • Sarah DeArmond, Management & Human Resources

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