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Resources for Online Learning

On this page, you'll find information and resources on how to facilitate an online course. 

Choosing Materials and Strategies for an Online Course

It's on the Syllabus! Frustrated that students haven't read the syllabus? You can use scavenger hunts in your online course as a way to make sure students not only have read but understand the syllabus. They can also be used to introduce students to how to navigate Canvas and to make connections between the learning outcomes of the course and their own lives.

Here's an overview of scavenger hunts and how their use in online courses can engage students. 

This blog by Jodi Dunlap provides a quick introduction to scavenger hunts.

Resources for Facilitating an Online Course

Enliven Discussions! Many instructors both teaching face-to-face and online use discussions boards. Below are some ways to use discussion boards and some innovations in their use by instructors.

Step-by-step in-depth advice for using discussion boards

Take discussion boards to the next level

Tips for supporting students in online discussion boards

Getting Started with Flipgrid! Many instructors at UW Oshkosh have expressed excitement about Flipgrid, an app in which instructors and students can post videos. Using this app has the ability to energize and motivate your students as well as build community online. 

Introduction to using Flipgrid









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