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Planning an Online Course


Like many things in life, a little planning goes a long way. This is especially true when you are changing course delivery modes.  Think about a course you are teaching right now, how would you teach it for a class with 25 students?  Would anything change for 50 students?  What about 250 students?  You most likely wouldn't be able to use the same course, you would need to make some changes to assignments, grading strategies or activities to accommodate the larger number of students.  The same is true when changing from face-to-face to hybrid or online.  The resources in this area will introduce you to some of the main differences between teaching face-to-face and online students. 


Hitchhikers Guide to Online Teaching

The events of recent months have been tough.  With little time to plan or adjust, many were thrown into a new teaching environment that demanded the use of unfamiliar technologies and teaching strategies.  This session will delve into this new world of “Alternative Delivery.”  We will highlight the main differences between the online and face-to-face environments and the learners that inhabit the space.  We will also offer tips and suggestions for working with and adapting to the new reality in which we find ourselves.

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UW Extended Campus - Journey to Online

Our partners at the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus have put together a comprehensive online course designed to help instructors move their instruction online.  Like the other resources on this page, it will walk participants through differences in modalities and help them to begin planning outcomes, assessments and activities that will help online students learn in the best way possible.

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