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Summer 2020: Online Initiative


We need to be prepared to offer more courses on-line and through alternative deliveries.  The CETL team has been working with partners from Information Technology, Polk Library, and others from all areas of campus to develop a series of workshops and resources to help you prepare for the upcoming semester.  This series of sessions will cover four critical areas of course development for online instruction: planning; selecting materials and strategies; building in Canvas; and facilitating online and alternative delivery learning.

As a whole, this program provides ideas and tools to enhance student engagement as well as increase students' academic success. These trainings will infuse many of the high impact and best practices developed in online learning over the last decade into UW Oshkosh courses. As we continue to face the COVID-19 crisis, these practices can be delivered by instructors via any modality as required

Click here for an overview of all available sessions.

The CETL Events Calendar and Summer Registration will also provide an overview of dates and times of session offerings.

Click here for additional information on possible compensation for participating in the online Teaching Program.

Click here for video recordings of previously held CETL workshops on online teaching. 

Planning an Online Course

Like many things in life, a little planning will go a very long way.  The same is true when you are considering (or being forced by a global pandemic) moving your instruction online.   

Click here to access Planning Resources

The resources available in this section will discuss some of the following.

  • Major differences between teaching face-to-face and teaching online
  • Assistance in reviewing and redeveloping student learning outcomes
  • Considerations for Assessments
  • Ensuring alignment of course components

Once you've planned the foundation of your course, it is time to start looking at materials and strategies that will help your students meet the student learning outcomes.

Click here to access resources for selecting materials and strategies.

The resources available in this section will discuss some of the following.

  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous components
  • Open Educational resources and copyright
  • Considerations for large enrollment or lab sections

Building a Course in Canvas

Once your course is planned out and written down, the building process is straightforward.  All you need to do is build your course one component at a time.  Sounds easy right?  Maybe, maybe a little help would be nice. 

Click here to access resource on building a course in canvas

The resource available in this section will discuss some of the following.

  • Canvas Environment and tour
  • Building Specific Components
  • Tips and Tricks to make the teaching easier
  • Support Options
  • Video creation options

Facilitating an Online Course

Creating the course is only half of teaching online, the more important part comes when the course starts and it is time to start the real teaching. 

Click here to access resources on facilitating an online course.

The resources available in this section will discuss some of the following.

  • Instructor Presence
  • Building Community
  • Equity and Accessibility


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