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Supporting the Whole Student in Online Teaching


In the sudden move to emergency remote teaching in the spring semester, many offices across campus that support student learning saw new emergent needs arise among students. Students with disabilities lost a range of support such as notetakers and accommodations during testing, students generally experienced more mental health challenges, and students in need of advising were harder to contact. Campus leaders will share the impact of the pandemic on students and their needs within it. Liz Whalley, Director of UARC, will share how her office provides advising services to students and how faculty advisors can consult and collaborate with UARC advisors. Kiersten Bloechl-Karlsen, Associate Dean of Students, will help you get ahead of the curve with information about how to support today’s college students who are working through medical, mental health, personal and other increasingly common life circumstances.  And, Sandy Cox, Director of the Counseling Center, will provide best practices for supporting students’ mental health in the online classroom.  Together, presenters will provide critical guidance on supporting the whole students and collaborating with their offices. The Dean of Students Office and the Accessibility Center support students experiencing all types of challenges.  In turn, they will provide best practices in supporting the whole student and collaborating with their offices. Through integrating forms of student support into our online classrooms, we can improve students’ experience and increase student success.


  • Liz Whalley, University Advising and Resource Center

  • Sandy Cox, Counseling Center

  • Kiersten Blochl-Karlsen, Dean of Students Office

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