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Being Present When You’re Not There


One of the biggest struggles in teaching and learning is developing trust between instructor and student and building environments where engaging activity is high and members of the learning community feel connected.  This is especially difficult when physicality is challenged. If we asked you what being present in a face-to-face class means, you could probably answer that easily.  But what does instructor presence mean in an online class? How do we make sure students don’t feel isolated and that the instructor doesn't seem to "disappear" online?  Quality online teaching research emphasizes that teacher presence is a key factor in student engagement and course satisfaction.  Research also emphasizes that instructors must be intentional in creating opportunity for teacher presence in the design and delivery of the course.  Using a combination of research and presenter experience, we will provide strategies for building teacher presence in online learning environments. Methods for building presence in both synchronous as well as asynchronous delivery will be shared, as well as tips for leveraging Canvas’ features in maintaining an instructor presence.


  • Toni Hameister, College of Education
  • Andy Miller, College of Business


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