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Completing the Program

The Online Teaching and Learning Summer Program

Instructions for Completion


In order to move toward completion of the program, participants need to take the following three steps: 1) submit an Action Plan; 2) choose one Canvas course to share with two reviewers, one representing the program team and one the department; and 3) add the two reviewers to the Canvas course you have chosen to be reviewed.

The deadline for the completion of these three requirements is the end of the day on August 14. More details about how to meet these requirements are below.

We want to offer reassurance that both the Action Plan and the review of your course will be approached in a positive and supportive way. If an instructors’ Action Plan and/or course review needs improvement, then, we will provide support so that the instructor can successfully complete the program.

As a reminder, UW System is providing significant funding for this initiative. In turn, UW System administration anticipates that it will receive additional donations from the same private donor who made this initiative possible. The additional rounds of donations will again support online learning on campus but in other areas such as purchasing learning technology. 

Therefore, both to meet UW System assessment requirements for the current funding and ensure we qualify for future funding, we must demonstrate that the funding resulted in significant shifts in instructors’ expertise in teaching online.

Both the action plan and the review of courses will provide us with information about the impact of the funding on our preparedness to teach online in the fall.

After review of both your Action Plan and your provided course, we will inform you either that you have completed the program or provide you with steps by which you can complete it.

Once you have completed the program, you will receive your $1,000 stipend. Please keep in mind that it takes about a month to process the stipend.


Instructions for the Action Plan

Length: Two-pages single-spaced.

Layout: Provide three sections which include 1) a list of the six training opportunities you completed, 2) a brief description of the course that you are inviting reviewers to evaluate, and 3) an action plan.

Action Plan: In this section, first, provide an overview of the major changes that you made in your course based on your participation in the trainings. These changes should reflect some of the priorities laid out in the Quality Assurance Guidelines and Best Practices Checklist.

Then, connect each of the six trainings to changes you have made or will make within your courses, whether these changes be at the macro or micro level. 


Determining Reviewers for Your Course

One reviewer of your course will be representing the team that created the Online Teaching and Learning Program. We have six members of the team who volunteered to review your courses. Each member will need to review about 25 courses. We are simply dividing the reviewers among the participants in the program based on the participants’ last names. Please see below for which reviewer you should add to your course based on your last name.  

The other reviewer of your course will be representing your department. We will be contacting your department chair and asking them to collaborate with our program by providing a representative of their department to review the course. You will be copied on that e-mail. Once the department chair responds with the reviewer’s name, please add that person to your Canvas course. If the department is unable to provide a representative for whatever reason, then, we will be providing the second reviewer from our own team.

Participants with last names starting with: 

A through Dec: Add Michael Bartlett,

Dem through Hal: Add Sarah Bradway,

Han through J: Add Dubear Kroening,

K through L: Add Brian Ledwell,

M through Sab: Add Erin McArthur,

San through Z: Add Alayne Peterson,


Instructions for Adding Reviewers to Your Course

It is your choice whether you want to add the reviewers to a Master course within Canvas or to your Fall 2020 Instructional Course. In case you missed it, Brian Ledwell has announced that you will receive your course cards on August 12.

To add the reviewers to your chosen course, within the course in Canvas, click “People” in navigation on the left side of the screen. Then, click the “+People” button. Next, enter the e-mail addresses of your reviewers, separating them with a comma, and, under the heading “Role,” use the dropdown menu to choose “Teacher Reviewer” as the role for the reviewers. Once you have provided that info, click “Next.” Then, on the next screen, click the “Add Users” button.  





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