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LGBTQ Studies at UW Oshkosh: Students Call for Curriculum Infusion


When the Stonewall and Compton Cafeteria Riots and rise of the LGBTQ+ movements aren’t included in history classes, when the AIDS Quilt isn’t taught as an influential political artwork in an art history class, or when the contributions of Bayard Rustin aren’t included in a Civil Rights class, or when queerbating and queercoding aren’t included in media literacy class, the result is that LGBTQIA+ lives and contributions become invisible. When LGBTQIA+ lives and contributions are invisible, it has a real-life impact on LGBTQIA+ college students and continues to contribute to heterosexual and cisgender students’ internalization of their dominance in society. Additionally, when curriculum is fully inclusive, it goes beyond the mainstream narratives of LGBTQIA+ people to include the stories and contributions of LGBTQIA+ people across cultures, such as Two Spirit people in the Americas, the Hijras of India, and Muxe of southern Mexico, and the Māhū of Hawaii. By creating a more balanced curriculum, we benefit all students.  This session will feature a panel of students discussing why they chose the LGBTQ Studies certificate, why the infusion of LGBTQIA+ curriculum in all their classes is important to them, and effective methods of curriculum infusion that they have seen.

Session Facilitators:

  • Dr. Liz Cannon
  • Dr. Amney Harper 

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