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Empower Student Learning through Arts-integrated Teaching


CETL is collaborating with ArtsCore to invite faculty from all departments to explore possibilities for integrating arts into your college classrooms. ArtsCore is an on-campus external-funded grant that supports Wisconsin teachers’ confidence, competence, and resiliency to teach in and through the arts. We encourage you to register both days to engage in all the arts-integrated curricula presenters have to offer.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges to teaching, particularly in how we engage students in rigorous learning that invites them to better understand themselves and the complex world in which we live. It is important for us to cultivate relationships and design opportunities for students to make meaningful connections between coursework and their own lives. Arts integration is an avenue through which to actively engage students in meaningful learning through art forms and creative processes. In this 2-day workshop series, 7 presenters from different departments at UW Oshkosh will present their curricula and share teaching experiences and assignments that guide students to make interdisciplinary connections through the arts. These strategies will include ways of integrating visual arts, music, performing arts, and other art forms into social science, storytelling, identity development, science, universal design for learning, education, leadership, and a variety of exploration, knowledge, and discovery in human experiences.



  • Kathryn Allen, Department of Leadership, Literacy, and Social Foundations
  • Li-Hsuan Hsu, Department of Art
  • Nathan Kruger, Department of Music
  • Emmet Sandberg, Department of Art
  • Stacey Skoning, Department of Special & Early Childhood Education
  • Andrew Redington, Department of Art

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Day 2



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