Learning Technologies at UW Oshkosh

Incorporating new learning technologies into the classroom sounds easy. There are so many great tools available with a quick web search and a couple clicks of the mouse.  Need a new discussion tool? The web has something fun, interactive and effective. Need something to help students practice key vocabulary terms?  The web is full of online flashcards, quizzes and other activities. However, actually using these applications isn’t always so straightforward.  There are important considerations to make BEFORE you require students to participate in some of these activities.

Data Security

Incorporating new learning technologies may seem harmless but requiring students to create accounts or use certain applications can be extremely harmful. The UW System Information Security policy describes the minimum standards that must be met by the various campuses to ensure that student data remains secure at all times. Many of the applications available for free online may seem fun and effective, but they are also collecting and harvesting student data.

UWO Process

The above policy requires ALL applications being used on campus to have a signed contract with the vendor. Even free applications that are available online or only used once require a contract with our campus purchasing department.  A list of the applications that have been vetted for data security and accessibility are included on the Canvas – LTI KB article.

If you are looking for something more specific to use in your teaching, please review the UW System External Application list.  Although these applications have not been approved for use at UW Oshkosh yet, they are being used at other UW System campuses and have undergone the strict reviews set by UW System.  In most cases, applications approved at the system level can be incorporated into your course fairly quickly.  Please place a ticket with the UW Oshkosh Help Desk to begin the process.

If you would like to use an application that is not included in either of the above lists, please place a ticket with the UW Oshkosh Help Desk with your request and any vendor contact information you may have.  Information Technology and purchasing will begin working with the vendor to review the application, and get the appropriate paperwork completed for integration.