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Global Learning and Citizenship Initiative

A brief introduction to Global Learning and Citizenship at UWO

A commitment to global learning and citizenship is reflected in the mission and Essential Learning Outcomes at the core of liberal education at UW Oshkosh. Global learning and citizenship is a key characteristic our undergraduate education and is intentionally integrated into the University Studies Program and the broader curriculum.

The Global Learning and Citizenship Initiative includes a series of faculty development opportunities designed to help instructors engage students with strategies to gain deep knowledge about the world and its peoples, build students’ capacity for civic engagement at local and global levels, and prepare them for the responsibilities of informed citizenship in a complex, interdependent and changing world.  

A timeline of faculty dialogues and engagement, beginning with the charge to the Liberal Education Reform Team (LERT) to reform general education in 2007, can be found here. It covers 2007-2014 and provides a sense of the trajectory of campus commitments to and dialogues about global learning and citizenship over the past few years, including the approval of a general education global citizenship requirement and a global scholar designation for qualifying graduates.    

Global Citizenship Requirement

In October 2014, the Faculty Senate approved a resolution replacing the Non-Western Culture requirement in the general education curriculum with a Global Citizenship Requirement. The Global Citizenship (GC) requirement is part of the University Studies Program curriculum (similar to the Ethnic Studies requirement). Nested within the USP, the requirement is aligned with the UWO Essential Learning Outcomes and reflects national best practice in global learning. The USP Global Citizenship requirement forms a general education foundation for mainstreaming the University's commitment to global learning and citizenship and supporting the learning mission of the University and campus-wide priorities for students’ preparation for global citizenship. 

Global Scholar Option

In April of 2015, the Faculty Senate approved a global certificate-like program that capitalizes on our curricular strength in global course content at the upper division and graduate levels across colleges. Global Scholar is a distinction achieved by students who wish to set themselves apart as having pursued intentional global-content learning as a part of their course of study at UWO. The Global Scholar Option is open to all students regardless of college or degree program. Global Scholar (GS) courses offered at the upper division level build upon the knowledge, skills and perspectives that students gained in their (required) USP Global Citizenship (GC) course. 

Together, Global Citizenship (GC) and Global Scholar (GS) courses aim to provide students with the knowledge of nations, cultures, or societies beyond the U.S.; the recognition of how interaction, interdependence, and inequity among diverse geographical, social, political, or economic systems have shaped historical and contemporary global challenges and opportunities; and the skills needed to engage with the responsibilities of informed citizenship in a complex, interdependent, and changing world.

Faculty Development Opportunities

Workshops and faculty development opportunities can be found under the Professional Development Tab. 

Helpful Resources and Documentation

For questions, post workshop syllabus help, syllabus pre-review, or to schedule a presentation for your department or program, please contact Dru Scribner, Provost’s Leadership Fellow for Global Studies. | (920) 424-3456 | Sage Hall, Room 4631


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