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Call for Proposals: Co-Teaching+ Courses 

The Provost’s Office, in cooperation with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, seeks innovative proposals for co-taught courses to be delivered no later than Spring 2024.  Selected proposals will receive start-up funding in Summer 2022 for full course development.  Up to seven (7) projects will be funded. 

“Co-teaching+” courses are designed to take a holistic approach to educating our students. Each co-taught+ course will be six credits, taught in the normal course timetable (e.g., a MWF course taught from 9:10-10:10am; courses will not be longer than they are now), with a faculty-designed out-of-class component. Faculty/IAS teaching these courses will each receive full credit toward their teaching load for the course.  Courses must be interdisciplinary to participate in this initiative (i.e., instructors cannot be from the same department). 

Why teach a course like this?

  1. Increase faculty/IAS collaboration and cross-disciplinary conversations;
  2. Model intellectual debate and collaboration for students;
  3. Devise new and bold ways to enhance student learning across campus; 
  4. Provide incentives for expansive course innovation; 
  5. Incentivize incorporating mental and emotional health—for faculty/IAS and for students—in the context of a single course; 
  6. Give students the opportunity to fulfill requirements in a new way and to earn credits at a slightly accelerated pace; and 
  7. Give faculty/IAS the opportunity to share both burdens and joys with each other during the course of the semester, and to make changes together.

Faculty/IAS teams who wish to be considered for co-teaching+ start-up funding should submit the following: 

  1. A description of the course—please indicate if it is existing and will be modified or if it is new—that they wish to co-teach, complete with a title and brief abstract of the course contents (no more than one, single-spaced page);
  2. A brief breakdown of how the course might proceed over a 14-week semester (a sentence or two for each week);
  3. A short (1-2 paragraph) statement about how mental/emotional health and intellectual development might be supported within the course or in meetings alongside it (e.g., weekly, informal meetings in Reeve; group walks, small group discussions at the library, etc.).
  4. A short list of the learning outcomes to be achieved in the semester; and
  5. A brief statement (1-2 paragraphs) about why this faculty/IAS team wishes to collaborate on this course.

To qualify for this funding cycle, proposals must:

  1. Come from faculty/IAS in two different departments; cross-college proposals are also encouraged;
  2. Have the approval of both departments to be taught in Fall 2023 or Spring 2024;
  3. Have a well-integrated set of learning outcomes that can be fulfilled in a single semester;
  4. Have a title that will attract student interest;
  5. Provide learning experiences not only within the course itself, but outside of it as well; and
  6. Present a clear case that a new single course taught by two faculty/IAS members could provide a better, more intentional experience than two courses taught separately.

If you have any questions regarding participating or preparing a proposal, feel free to reach out to Tracy Slagter (

Submit proposals to Jordan Landry ( by July 1, 2022 for full consideration.  Successful teams will be notified by August 1, 2022 and will be invited to participate in a series of collaborative discussions. 

If selected, each team member will receive a stipend of $1,500 (or $3,000 per team) to facilitate course development and collaboration.  Completed, full course proposals (syllabus, course creation paperwork with signatures) will be required once the course is fully developed, with deadlines to be determined later. 




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