About the CETL Team

Jordan Landry

Jordan Landry profileJordan Landry is the Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and an instructor in the English Department. Here at CETL, we strive to provide opportunities to engage in critical conversations about teaching and learning. We are particularly dedicated to creating community around equitable and inclusive teaching. One of our major goals is to address current crises facing students such as the rise in mental health issues and experiences of trauma among them. We regularly provide opportunities for instructors to learn more about teaching approaches that both increase students’ academic success and improve their general sense of belonging and well-being. We offer a wide range of events through which to take your teaching to the next level such as book clubs, certificate programs focused on best practices in teaching, instructor learning communities, and the Provost’s Summit, a three-day series of events built around important campus initiatives. Everyone is welcome at CETL events and we hope you join the conversations!

Sarah Bradway

Sarah Bradway ProfileSarah Bradway is an instructional designer with CETL.  Sarah has spent over 20 years at UW Oshkosh assisting instructors, students and staff navigate teaching and learning on campus.  She works with instructors on projects big and small, from giving advice on a discussion that isn’t quite working, to incorporating technology to revamping entire courses.


CETL Leadership Team

The CETL Leadership team provides guidance and direction to the Center for Teaching and Learning.  Representatives from various areas on campus work together to plan events, guide programing and promote workshops.  We are always looking for input from the campus at large, please pass any recommendations or requests to one of the representatives listed below.  If you have interest, in serving on the CETL Leadership team, please contact Jordan Landry.

  • Jordan Landry, Director
  • Sarah Bradway, Instructional Designer
  • College of Letters & Science: Alayne Peterson
  • College of Education & Human Services: Kyle Steele
  • College of Business: Vacant
  • College of Nursing: Jason Mott
  • Sustainability: Jim Feldman
  • Teaching in STEM: Jenny Schuttlefield Christus
  • First-Year Experience: Courtney Bauder


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