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Seifert Startup Space

The Seifert Startup Space (S3) is a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh initiative to increase entrepreneurial awareness and collaboration among undergrad students, graduate students, and faculty. In collaboration with the UW Oshkosh College of Business, the Seifert Startup Space is a key resource within the Center for Entrepreneurship.

Seifert Startup Space (S3)

The Seifert Startup Space is provided to student members of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation as a co-working space to promote collaboration between student entrepreneurs and spark great ideas that will grow into strong businesses. Located in Sage 2002 (overlooking the lobby) students are invited to use the space as a place to get loud, excited, and inspired.

Resources that are available include the following:

  • Whiteboard Wall
  • Mac & Windows Computers
  • Laser Printer
  • 65" Television
  • Conference Camera/Phone
  • Entrepreneurial Book Library

Ideally students are seeing their peers challenges and issues and together can create unique and creative ways to distinguish their enterprise.

Contact Dan Brosman at  to learn how you can become a member!

Other Student Office Space

Located in Sage 1614, student office spaces have been provided to CEI members. Along with common office supplies, this space is designed for students who have envisioned a business and are now in the processes of testing and developing the details of their concept. The office space is a quiet and focused area on campus for students to refine their great ideas! 

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