Customized Research and Data Analysis

Customized Research

Sometimes the information you are looking for does not currently exist or is not available. We will gain an understanding of your business’ existing blind spots, and then utilize a qualitative assessment to develop the data you need to take the next step.  Our services related to Customized Research include focus groups, feasibility studies and economic impact modeling and analysis.

Customized research project examples include: 

  • Facilitate and analyze community conversations being conducted to assess community perceptions and goals of a local area school district
  • Fiscal impact study of an annual event held each summer in Oshkosh, WI
  • Quantifying the potential economic impact on the area economy from a fully functional lock system

Data Analytics

Businesses and organizations throughout Northeast Wisconsin have a need to employ better business intelligence and data-driven strategies to anticipate challenges and solve problems. CCRS strives to assist leaders throughout the region to proactively adapt to these challenges through timely analysis, insights, and strategies. CCRS operates on the core principles of collaboration and engagement, serving as the hub for data analytics research across Northeast Wisconsin.  It is particularly attentive to the needs of not for profit organizations, communities and small-to-medium-sized businesses which are especially vulnerable to unanticipated market trends and often lack the capacity to conduct the analysis needed to respond. 

Several of the data analytic products and services offered by CCRS include:

  • Organizational dashboards
  • Data and metrics to support non-profit annual giving campaigns 
  • Data and metrics to build support for community and non-profit initiatives
  • Community needs assessments to inform funding decisions
  • Data and metrics to inform program/project development and operations
  • ROI analysis to enable socially responsible investing