Truancy Intervention Program

truancy intervention programThe Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) supports Oshkosh area students who are experiencing problems with school attendance. Students and their families will have an opportunity to avoid formalized court proceedings by voluntarily participating in TIP.


The Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) strives to accomplish three main objectives:

  • Assist students in returning to school with regular attendance
  • Assist students in setting day-to-day and long-term goals
  • Help students to develop positive behaviors

The Truancy Intervention Program works closely with:

  • Parents/guardians
  • School staff
  • Winnebago County Human Services
  • Juvenile Intake


Students may be referred to TIP when they are considered habitually truant. TIP then matches them up with a mentor who visits them twice a week at school. The mentor has numerous roles, such as:

  • Monitoring daily attendance
  • In-school tutoring
  • Being a positive role model
  • Goal setting and achieving
  • Communicating with social workers and school staff

Mission Statement

To motivate students to strive for regular school attendance and improved academic standing with the support of parents, school, county staff, and community.


Students will have no unexcused absences and pass all their classes.


  • Better attendance
  • Improved behavior
  • Enhanced grades
  • Improved relationships
  • Advance to the next grade level / graduation

For more information, contact Ruth Mauritz ( or 920-424-2146.

The Truancy Intervention Program operates with the assistance and support of:

truancy intervention program - oshkosh area school district

Oshkosh Area School District



truancy intervention program - University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh



truancy intervention program - Winnebago County Department of Human Services

Winnebago County Department of Human Services




Be a Mentor!

This program would not be able to survive without the willingness of people to give back. Some people become mentors because they had an adult mentor in their lives that touched them and they want to provide that help to others. Some volunteer to gain new skills or work experience or to meet new people. Others want to make a difference in someone’s life.

Research shows that those who volunteer live longer and healthier lives. All it takes is 1-2 hours per week to make a difference in a student’s life. Are you the person who is going to make that difference?

Need ideas for mentoring? Check out our Activity Ideas.

Mentors are trained by TIP staff and must submit to a thorough background check. If you are interested, fill out the Mentor Application Form and Background Check. E-mail to Ruth Mauritz at or mail to:

Attn. Ruth Mauritz
800 Algoma Blvd.
Oshkosh. WI 54901

If you would like more information, please call 920-424-2146. We would love to hear from you!