Project Management Services

Do you have an idea but need help developing the process and project to see it to completion? Or, do you simply need assistance making sure all the pieces of your project flow smoothly and efficiently? In either case, you can turn to CCDET for trusted project management services to get your plan to the finish line.

Customized Project Management Consulting Services

Our project management consultants will collaborate with you to develop customized project management solutions that meet your goals. We have the expertise to take your short-term or long-term project from start to finish. Our process involves:

  • Identifying objectives and outcomes
  • Establishing a scope of work
  • Monitoring and maintaining the project
  • Developing customized reports and manuals
  • Providing individualized case management plans and services

Identify Goals and Outcomes

Before we start any project, we’ll meet with you to discuss your needs and requirements. Once those are outlined, we’ll draft a statement of purpose and develop measurable targets that describe how we, working in partnership with you, will achieve your project needs.

Establish a Scope of Work

In this phase, we identify project deliverables along with a realistic timeline and budget to complete the plan.

Monitor and Maintain the Project

During the course of the project, we track the operational work for the project while closely monitoring the budget and timeline to ensure we are on track.

Develop Customized Reports

We also generate user-friendly reports throughout the project so that you and our project consultants can track its progress.

Provide Individualized Case Management Plans and Services

With a focus on the priorities and goals we’ve set in collaboration with clients, we are then able to assess, plan, implement, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the options and services that will meet the overall objectives. These likely vary from client to client, based on your needs.

Ask Us How We Can Help

If you’re looking for help planning, executing and monitoring a project, ask us about our project management expertise. We can provide information on past projects to show how our project management services have helped others and can be of benefit to you. Review our Partnering with CCDET page to learn more about how we work. Then, Contact CCDET to get your customized project management plan started.