Data Management Services

If you are hosting a conference or organizing educational training of any kind, chances are you’ll want to collect and analyze data on your attendees and training outcomes. That’s where CCDET’s data management services can help. Our data management staff can assist with everything from payment processing to data analysis and everything in between. We partner with you to provide flexible, customized options to gather the information you need for final project reports.

Customized Services

We offer four primary data management services that can be adapted to fit your needs:

  • Payment handling and processing
  • Registration analysis
  • Learning management services
  • Online tracking system services

We provide these services to government agencies but also work with non-profit organizations and businesses looking to collect and analyze data, especially data related to conferences, seminars and other educational sessions.

Payment Handling and Processing

If you are hosting a conference, training or other event for which you are taking payments, CCDET has tools that will accept and process credit card payments. We also will gather registrant demographic information, providing you with customized reports. We can even develop time-saving customized emails and other correspondence to attendees.

Registration Analysis

Our data management staff interpret registration data and summarize it in an easy-to-use report designed according to client specifications.

Learning Management Services

We use a learning management system to provide a variety of services, including:

  • Uploading online courseware
  • Tracking and monitoring course completion for classroom and online
  • Maintaining client transcripts
  • Managing registrations
  • Designing and maintaining online training registries
  • Providing customer support services (available during regular business hours by phone and email)

Online Tracking System Services

We use an online system to track an individual’s progress within a specific training session or course. We also can create individual surveys that allow instructors, testers and others involved in the training process to input data to enhance tracking.

Ask Us How We Can Help

If you are looking to be more effective and efficient in gathering and analyzing data and reporting on outcomes, consider partnering with CCDET. We’ll meet with you in person to learn about your goals and demonstrate systems we use in our data management services. From there, we will develop a customized data management plan. Contact CCDET today to learn more.