Consulting Services

The CCDET team is highly trained and experienced in a number of consulting services that have benefited government, non-profit and corporate clients. We’re recognized for our flexibility and adaptability in helping our clients meet their goals and objectives.

Helping You Reach Your Goal

Our consultants take your project or problem and transform it into an opportunity. Our consulting services include:

Market Research Services
Typically, our research services involve reviewing and studying information, references and resources to gather current and new information on specific topics, policies, procedures and issues. This enables us to develop the most up-to-date materials for clients. Quite often, we are then asked to create a training course, materials and resources for the client.

Facilitation Services
Our staff is trained and experienced in providing facilitation services for a wide range of groups, from boards of directors to work teams to ad hoc committees and task forces. We seek to build consensus to gather the information needed to help clients achieve their goals.

Assessment and Evaluation Tools
We develop and provide an array of assessment and evaluation tools to set benchmarks for and determine the outcome of your programs, projects, systems or training sessions.

We often find we are able to serve clients’ many needs not only in consulting services but also in training and education, data management and project management , all within the same overall project. Providing a full scope of services and turnkey solutions means clients save time working with one vendor.

We are Problem Solvers

Our team members are first and foremost consultants. That means we listen to your needs and approach each task or project collaboratively as your partner.

We have proven consulting experience in working with:

  • State and county agencies
  • Schools
  • Federal agencies
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Advocacy organizations
  • Healthcare organizations
  • And many other non-profit and for-profit organizations

Partnering with Our Consultants

If you’d like to learn more about how our consulting services can benefit you, Contact CCDET.