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    Our Services

    Our Services

    The Center for Community Development, Engagement and Training's (CCDET's) highly trained and experienced professionals provide a broad array of services tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Please browse our service areas below to learn more.

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    Consulting Services

    • Provide facilitation of focus groups and advisory groups
    • Develop evaluation and assessment tools
    • Provide policy analysis and development
    • Facilitate identification of options and analysis of impacts
    • Apply problem-solving methodology to identify root causes and solutions

    Training & Educational Services

    • Identify customer training needs, target audience and learning objectives
    • Conduct research and collaborate with subject matter experts
    • Suggest appropriate training delivery methods such as online courses, classroom-style and train-the-trainer workshops
    • Design and deliver curriculum and associated multi-media training materials
    • Develop evaluation and assessment tools
    • Manage and track class participation through a Learning Management System

    Data Management

    • Provide Learning Management System Services
      • Create courses, classes and curriculums
      • Load courseware
      • Track and monitor course completions
      • Maintain transcripts
    • Manage registrations
    • Develop and maintain online registries
    • Design and provide customized reports
    • Provide customer support

    Project Management

    • Identify objectives and outcomes
    • Establish scope of work
    • Provide structure and oversight throughout project
    • Provide and supervise project staff
    • Facilitate and assist project teams
    • Monitor and maintain project timelines
    • Develop customized reports and manuals
    • Provide status and progress updates
    • Provide individualized case management plans and services
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