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StrengthsQuest is an assessment that helps identify natural talents. Knowing one’s talents allows individuals to build on them, turning them into strengths that can help achieve academic, career, and personal success.

What is StrengthsQuest?

StrengthsQuest is an online personality assessment. Based on your responses, it will determine your Top 5 talent themes. These talents are innate ways of thinking and behavior patterns that you excel in.

34 Brief Theme Descriptions

Why should I take it?

StrengthsQuest helps you to discover your top talent themes. By becoming aware of these talents, you can grow them into strengths. Strengths can be utilized in all aspects of your life, including career planning and during the career search process. The assessment is all about focusing on your natural talents to maximize your potential.


  • Resume & Cover Letter. Tailor resumes to highlight individual strengths, experience, and skills. Allow students to focus on their talents and strengths to present themselves as an attractive candidate.
  • Job Search. Use strengths to analyze job descriptions and determine fit for the position.
  • Interviewing. Prepare for interviews by identifying relevant experiences to articulate demonstrated strengths.
  • Professionalism.  Ability to understand others and effectively work in a team.

How do I take StrengthsQuest?

Students: StrengthsQuest can be purchased through the Career Services.  There is a $10 fee for students to take the assessment.  Visit our office for more information. 

Class or Organization: If you would like to use StrengthsQuest with your class or group, request a Career Services staff member by completing the presentation request form. On the form, please indicate in the other details and important information box that you are interested in a StrengthsQuest presentation. If you have any difficulty filling out the form or if you have questions about StrengthsQuest, please email Career Services at

How much does the assessment cost?

There is a $10 fee for students to take the assessment, which includes the opportunity to speak with a trained career specialist about your results.

  • Visit Career Services to purchase a StrengthsQuest code via cash or check.
  • Purchase on-line and pay for a StrenghtsQuest code with a credit card.

Strengths Videos

If you'd like to see some informative videos check out some of the great videos produce by the University of Minnesota here.

Mapping Your Strenghts

Have you taken the Strengths Quest assessment and want to know how to better articulate your strengths to an employer? Check out our Strengths Map handout.

If you would like more information, please contact Career Services.

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