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Industry advising provides students with detailed advice that will help them articulate their interests, explore professional and academic options, and understand the application process & trends for industry-specific opportunities. Discover potential opportunities no matter what major you choose!

Students schedule advising appointments based on their interest in exploring or pursuing careers in the following industries. Instead of asking, “What can I do with a major in…?” start by asking “What work environments and job duties interest me?” If you need assistance answering these questions, let us help!


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Industry Categories


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Do you consider yourself to be nurturing, supportive, empathetic, or solution-focused? Are you interested in learning about how the body and mind works and how to keep it healthy? Does it sound fun to work at a hospital, clinic, community center, non-profit organization, or starting your own private practice? Could you see yourself working with people, empowering others, handling a crisis, or providing community resources?

Careers in this industry focus on understanding people, supporting them through difficult times, decreasing illness and providing services/treatments for others to be healthy and wholesome.


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Do you consider yourself to be helpful, patient, or understanding? Are you interested in learning about best methods to reach students or setting curriculum standards? Does it sound like fun to explain ideas and concepts to a classroom of learners? Could you see yourself teaching others to assist with understanding and comprehension?

Careers in this industry focus on facilitating learning by guiding and encouraging others.

Social Assistance

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Do you enjoy interacting with diverse groups of people and possess a strong sense of respect and self-awareness? Understand boundaries and empathize with each client’s current state. Are a clear and effective communicator and active listener. Excel at working independently when necessary and can easily manage your time. Possess a lot of patience and are committed to ethical action. Enjoy advocating on behalf of the vulnerable and inspire others to do the same? 

Careers in social assistance appeal to people with a strong desire to make life better and easier for others. Workers in this industry are usually good communicators and enjoy interacting with people.

Social assistance establishments provide a wide array of services that include helping the homeless, counseling troubled individuals, training the unemployed or underemployed, and helping families to obtain financial assistance. In general, organizations in this industry work to improve the lives of the individuals and families they serve and to enrich their communities. The specific services provided vary greatly, depending on the population the establishment is trying to serve and its goals or mission.

Social assistance consists of four segments—individual and family services; community food and housing, and emergency and other relief services; vocational rehabilitation services; and child day care services.


Financial Services and Accounting

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Do you consider yourself to have strong communication, management, or numerical skills? Are you interested in learning about risk management, investments or conducting financial analytics? Does it sound like fun to try to grow an investment portfolio for a company or person? Could you see yourself working in a corporate environment collaborating with others to accomplish company goals?

Careers in this industry focus on calculating the statistical probabilities, risk and value of investments or projects and developing and analyzing financial documents.


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Do you consider yourself to have strong problem-solving, mechanical, negotiation or mathematical skills? Are you interested in learning about where things come from, how things are made or how things operate? Do you enjoy puzzles, processes, and efficiencies? Could you see yourself addressing complex problems within manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and military operations?

Careers in this industry focus on organizing processes and products using math, analytical and communication skills.  

Government, Law & Public Safety

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Do you consider yourself to be ambitious, resilient, or optimistic? Are you interested in learning about developing public policy, addressing issues through governmental initiatives or shaping and protecting the future of your city, state and country? Does it sound like fun to work for a city, state, or federal agency or non-profit organization? Could you see yourself discussing legal issues, leading a civic improvement project or handling a crisis?

Careers in this industry focus on public affairs, politics, and serving the community.

Scientific and Natural Resources

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Do you consider yourself problem-focused, thoughtful, or eco-friendly? Are you interested in learning about human/environment interactions or conservation efforts that support sustainable living? Does it sound like fun to conduct field work outside? Could you see yourself analyzing environmental data through geologic mapping, helping to prevent environmental disasters, or advocating for “going green”?

Careers in this industry focus on studying the physical aspects of the earth, identifying natural resources, and/or taking actions to restore, preserve, and minimize negative impacts on people, communities, and the environment.

  • Environmental Services, Utilities and Renewable Energy, Animal & Wildlife, Natural Resources, Farming, Agriculture, Energy, Oil & Gas, Lab Services 

Service and Management

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Are you interested in researching, analyzing information, and preparing reports or processes?  Could you see yourself collaborating, leading, and providing expertise to develop strategies, make informed decisions, and accomplish goals?

The service industry is focused on the exchange of services between companies and their customers. Service providers will help customers with different services that include lodging accommodations, distribution of merchandise, and preparing meals for immediate consumption. While the management industry administers, oversee, and manage establishments of a company or organization. This industry will often implement strategic planning and decision making for an organization.

Careers in this industry focus on providing customer service, strategic planning, people management.

  • Staffing, Management Consulting, Retail, Hospitality, Travel, Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services, eCommerce, Wholesale/Trade, Administrative

Art, Multimedia & Technology

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Do you consider yourself to be creative, artistic, and self-driven? Are you interested producing, promoting, or participating in live performances, events, or exhibits? Does it sound fun to provide services that enable people to participate in recreational activities or pursue amusement, hobbies, and leisure-time interests? Could you see yourself working at a establishment where people can engage in sports, participate in activities, or view objects and sites of historical, cultural, or educational interest?

Careers in this industry focus on producing, organizing, promoting, managing, and providing services to meet varied cultural, entertainment, and recreational interests of their patrons.

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