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First Destination Survey

Tracking graduate successes

Career & Professional Development administers the First Destination Survey and collects information from the undergraduate graduating class in order to assess their post-graduation plans.

Some of the information we seek to identify is:

  • Students who are employed, along with the name of their employer, position, and salary
  • Students continuing their education after graduation, where and in what field
  • Students who are still seeking employment

Who takes the survey, and when?

Students who are awarded bachelor degrees receive the survey one month prior to graduation, as well as three, six, and nine months after graduation. We understand your plans may change and we encourage you to update this information at these times.

Graduating this year?
Take The Survey

  • Fall 2023, Spring 2024, Summer 2024 – Oshkosh Campus Grads
  • Fall 2023, Spring 2024, Summer 2024 – Fox Cities or Fond Du Lac Campus Grads
  • Fall 2023, Spring 2024, Summer 2024 – Oshkosh Graduate Student Grads

Why is it important?

There are several important reasons to provide this information when it is requested.

  • We can use the information to identify students who may be seeking employment immediately after graduation, and alert them to prospective job opportunities.
  • There are many areas of the University that use this data for reasons ranging from reporting for national ranking surveys to accreditation and certification.
  • This information can be one of many factors that can help students’ research majors for best fit and potential first steps toward career goals.

How is this info distributed?

After the 9 month survey information has been collected, student responses are combined with degree data for analysis and an overall report is provided on the University website.

The information is reported out from the prior academic year (typically April for the prior Spring & Summer graduates, and October for the prior Fall graduates).

First Destination Outcomes

Comprehensive Survey Results:

(View Interactive Results)
(View Interactive Results)
(View Interactive Results)
2012-20132011-2012Spring 2009
Fall 2008Spring 2008Fall 2007

Results are posted by academic year starting in 2011-2012.

Winter 2024 Salary Survey Report – Final Starting Salary Outcomes for the Class of 2024

NACE First Destinations for the College Class of 2022 – Findings and Analysis

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