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Find Your Candidate

Through your Titan Jobs account, you have the opportunity to search for candidates and fill open positions. To search for students, follow the simple instructions below. If you have difficulties finding your candidate, please contact us.


Find Your Candidate in Titan Jobs

  1. Select "Student Search" from the main menu.
  2. Enter your search criteria. The simplest way to produce the most resumes is to use the "Key Word" feature.

  3. If searching by major, click on "Add" and click on the "+" symbol next to "All Majors" to reveal the pull-down list of majors. Check the one(s) you want, and then click the "Close Window" box at the bottom of the screen. (All search fields use "And" between fields, except for "Current Major" which uses "Or". This means the more fields you search by, the fewer matches will be found.)

    Please Note: The graduation dates at UW Oshkosh are December and May, but the semesters end in January and June. Therefore, students may use either of the dates when completing the profile. If searching for fall 2011 graduates, you should include Dec. 2010 through Jan. 2011.

  4. Click "Search". Each student will be listed with a brief description.
  5. To view each student's profile click on their name.
  6. Click "View Resume" at the top of the profile to view their resume.
  7. To save these resumes, select the students you wish to save or choose "Select All" and click "Save Search" and name your file. This could take a few minutes depending on the amount of resumes involved.
  8. To save your search requirements, click on "Save Search" at the top and give it a name.
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