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Student Success Stories: Luke Querio

Meet Luke Querio!

A senior here at UWO, Luke Querio, is majoring in History and Education. Before going into his Education Mock Interview, he made sure to be prepared by a 1:1 appointment with an advisor from Career & Professional Development. He wanted to improve his resume and cover letter before presenting it to the Shawano School District. Luke said, “I learned a lot about resume building and formatting, how to emphasize my skills, and cover letter formatting.” 

Another resource he used was the Student Resources page which allowed him to successfully prepare, perform, and end an interview. He prepped himself to make sure he was prepared for a variety of questions the employer may ask. 

After all of his efforts were made, he felt very confident going into his interview. When asked what his overall experience with Career & Professional Development was, he said, “I have had very helpful and resourceful encounters with the Career & Professional Development Center here at UWO throughout my years here. Whenever I have any questions about anything having to do with my future career as a teacher, I always confidently reach out to the Career and Professional Development team. 

Luke was contacted by the Shawano School District, the district he had his mock interview with, with interest of being a candidate to teach after he graduates!  

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor, you can call Career & Professional Development at 920-424-2181 or you can self-schedule an appointment in Handshake by clicking on Career Center | Appointments | Schedule a New Appointment. We can assist students with all sorts of career related topics: career exploration, resumes, cover letters, job searching, graduate school, interviewing, LinkedIn & personal branding and so much more. We are open during breaks and J-term if you find you have more time in your schedule for reaching out. We are always happy to help.