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Student Success Stories: Quincey Lawson

Meet Quincey Lawson! Quincey is a senior at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh majoring in Economics. She has been at UWO since 2021. Quincey re-enrolled to finish her degree after taking time off to travel and learn more about herself. After traveling to 4 continents, studying at the University of Ghana, and learning more skills like sewing her own clothes and cooking she decided to finish her degree.

For her degree, Quincey took the course Professional Skills in Business (BUS 240) in the Fall 2021 semester. Professional Skills in Business is a required course for admission to the College of Business.  Students generally take this course sophomore year as they prepare to search for the internship required for graduation. This class is designed to give students resources for their careers. This course guides students to explore careers, careers, develop their application tools, and gives them opportunities to meet with employers and network with professionals.

Throughout the semester Quincey was able to experience face-to-face networking with professionals and listen to employers talk about work and careers. One requirement of this course is to attend club meetings. Through BUS 240, Quincey attended the UWO Economics Student Association and Titans of Risk club meetings. These meetings led her to discover careers that she was interested in and want to explore more and helped her narrow down careers that did not interest her.

Another requirement of the BUS 240 course is to do a mock interview. These mock interviews are set up through and conducted in the Career & Professional Development office on campus. Real employers come to campus and conduct mock interviews with students. Thus, students can practice their interviewing skills and get insights on what they could improve on and what they do well. During these mock interviews Quincey gained confidence in interviews and now can take her confidence into the professional world.

Through BUS 240, Quincey attended the Career Fair on the Fox which ultimately helped her land an internship. During the career fair Quincey chatted with an employer who attended the fair and became interested in the company. Quincey is now a Supply Chain/Data Analytics Intern at Neenah Inc. Quincey explains this internship will “eventually make me a better candidate for a job while giving me transferrable experience.” Therefore, the Career Fair gave her an opportunity to connect with an employer, find an internship, and now experience and learn skills that she can take to other jobs.

If you are interested in participating in the Internship & Career Fair, register on Handshake, and plan to attend Wednesday, September 27 between 11:30 am-3:30 pm in Kolf Sports Center Upper Gym. Network with employers from over 150 different companies/organizations. Learn about career paths, internships, and full/part-time jobs. Students of ALL MAJORS and years in school are encouraged to attend!