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Student Success Stories: Alyce Glosson

Meet Alyce Glosson! Alyce is a Junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in African American Studies. Alyce is active on campus by being the Vice President of African American Studies club, a member of the Black Student Union (BSU) and a member of the International Student Association.

Alyce took Psychology Orientation (Psych 123) an introduction to the psychological sciences for students in Psychology. This course covers topics such as; current employment opportunities for people with a bachelor’s degree in psychology; undergraduate research in psychology, professional ethics, style requirements for psychology papers, planning to graduate in four years (course selection, research experience, internships), and an introduction to department faculty, their research programs and department facilities. This course helps and guides students to career exploration, readiness for the professional work, and to have professional documents.

Through this course Alyce developed an entirely new resume. Using this new and professional resume she used it to apply for a job she still has over a year later. Alyce now works at the Annex close to campus as a Marketing Liaison. She plans on adding and editing this resume as she progresses through college and into the professional work world. Alyce explained that while she was writing her resume Career & Professional Development advisor Emily Hoffmann “had a lot of great recommendations for word usage and mentioned to not make it too lengthy.” Alyce then uploaded her resume to Vmock and received good insights and critiques. Thus, Alyce was led to write a great resume for herself.

Even after the course was done Emily Hoffmann was still helpful for Alyce. Alyce noted that she visited the Career & Professional Development office over the fall semester and met with Emily to chat about travel. Alyce explained she has interest in traveling internationally during college or even for her career. Emily helped her look at resources on campus for traveling. Emily also showed Alyce Handshake and looked through jobs that travel. Emily then talked about her own experiences and connected with Alyce. Gaining new insights and having tools to look for a job left Alyce felt confident and ready to start looking at traveling opportunities.

Congratulations, Alyce on all that you have accomplishments! We wish you the best of luck moving forward!

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