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Contact Campus Advocate


The Sexual & Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator and Counseling Center are here to help you.

We will:

  • honor your request for a male or female counselor;
  • maintain your confidentiality to the limits of the law;
  • support you, not judge you, and provide caring attention while you make difficult decisions;
  • help you restore your sense of safety; and
  • help you if you were assaulted some time ago and have not talked about it or feel like it is still having a strong impact on your life.


Contacting a Campus Advocate

Contact the Sexual & Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator for confidential services. You don't have to report.

  • Daytime: (920) 424-2024
  • Dating Violence After Hours : (920) 235-5998 (Christine Ann Center)
  • Sexual Assault After Hours: (920) 722-8150 (Reach Counseling Services)


What You Should Do When Reporting

  • Please seek medical attention immediately from the Student Health Center or Aurora Medical Center.
  • Do not shower, douche or wash the clothing that you wore at the time assault. This can serve as evidence should you decide to press charges. (You DON'T have to make a decision now, but this is the only time you will be able to collect this evidence). Additionally, it may serve to calm your fears about medical concerns.
  • Write down everything that you remember happening, with as much detail as possible. This can help with your healing process and in any legal action you might decide to take.
  • Please call the University Counseling Center at (920) 424-2061. You may choose to ask a friend or counselor to accompany you at any stage of this process. We will respect and affirm your choices.


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