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Time Management and Goal Setting

Learning how to effectively manage your time and set goals can dramatically reduce the stress and feelings of work overload during your time in college. To help you learn how to do this, we’ve provided just a few resources below in both areas.

Time Management

Inside the mind of a  master procrastinator

A informative yet humorous TED Talk on procrastination, the presenter highlights procrastination struggles through the use of two “brain” comparisons that include a decision-maker, an “instant gratification monkey,” the “panic monster” and the “dark playground.” Intrigued yet? Follow the link below to watch this fun (and yes, educational) TED Talk.

Tackling College-level Schoolwork

6 easy steps from a Loyola University Maryland student on how to manage college coursework.

Tackling College-level Schoolwork

Time Management Tips for New College Students


Specifically for first year students, this article provides tips on how to manage time during the transition from a structured school experience to one that is more flexible and independent.

Time Management Tips for New College Students

How Well Do You Plan?

Created by Dartmouth, this short quiz will help you understand how well you plan your tasks and activities. Use it as a resource to determine where you can make adjustments.

How Well Do You Plan?

5 Ways to Maintain Balance Between Work, School, and Life

As the title suggests, this article provides some guidance on how to maintain a balance between work, school, and life while in college. The goal is to keep your stress levels down so you can enjoy the experience.

5 Ways to Maintain…

Goal Planning

Reaching Your Goals

A short article with 4 TED Talk videos on habits that can help you achieve your goals.

Reaching Your Goals


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