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Mobile Apps

There are a variety of apps designed to help you study better, work smarter, and be more efficient. The list of apps provided is just a small sample of what is out there. Click on the logos to find out more information.

Navigate Student – Apps bei Google Play

Navigate App (Study Buddies)

You can use the Navigate Student App to form study groups. The app has a Study Buddies feature you can opt into for each of your courses. Students in the course will be able to see the names and email addresses of anyone who has opted into that feature, and they can form their own study groups


A literature guide app designed to help with the analysis and understanding of literary works. This app is easy to use and uses color-coded themes for plots and analyses.


Designed to help you stay focused and on task by assigning tasks in a list with specific times for each to be accomplished. The app includes “break times” after each task.


A great app for those who prefer visual learning. This app allows users to write or draw on their screens and then move the words/images around. Only available on Apple products.


A task management app that helps to keeps you and your to-do lists and activities organized by keeping them in one location. Alerts, due dates, due times, and notes are able to be added.

Microsoft OneDrive - Apps on Google Play


OneDrive gives you one place to store, share, and sync your work or school files. As part of UWO’s Microsoft 365 subscription, or SharePoint Server, you can save your files in OneDrive and then work with them from almost any device


This app allows you to make flashcards with text, sound, and images, or to download pre-made ones. Using a unique algorithm, it makes studying more efficient and effective.


A language app with 14 languages to choose from. Learning sessions are short, just 10-15 minutes each, and focus on topics such as travel and business. For all skill levels.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy gives you access to over 10,000 videos, explanations, interactive exercises, and articles on subjects such as math, science, economics and history.


A flashcard app that allows you to create your own or choose from millions created by others on thousands of subjects. Also helps you to stay on track by inputting a study deadline.

Padlet - Apps on Google Play


Padlet is an online virtual “bulletin” board, where students and teachers can collaborate, reflect, share links and pictures, in a secure location. It’s a great app to brainstorm with classmates and share notes.

Press | Brainscape


Brainscape is a free flashcard app that uses spaced repetition to help you learn. It includes features that track your progress and ensure that you’ve learned information thoroughly.

A dictionary app that can be used offline. Gives you access to over 2 million definitions with the ability to save your favorite words. Check it out daily for their Word of the Day.


A mind mapping app that allows you to create, share, and present mind maps inside your web browser. Can be synced with all your devices. Available for the Apple and Android products.

RealCalc Plus

An app that is designed to look and function like a hand-held calculator with the added option of choosing display styles and formats. Available for Android products only.


Wolfram|Alpha is a unique engine for computing answers and providing knowledge. It works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to automatically answer questions, do analysis and generate reports.

Flashcards Deluxe

This flashcard app has two study modes that automatically focus more on the cards you miss. Easy to use app with the ability to organize cards in folders for different classes.


A language app with 23 languages to choose from. Sessions range from 5-20 mins based on your choice. This app is for all skill levels with a placement test for advanced learners.


An app for Apple mobile devices that allows users to view three-dimensional images of molecules and manipulate them using fingers. Outdated, but can still be useful.

Google Drive

An app that lets you store and share documents, photos, and voice recordings. Allows you to set access levels for who can view, edit, or comments on your documents.


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