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Did you know that if you review your lecture material or notes within 24 hours you have the best chance of retaining up to 80% of it? Or that something as simple as a change of scenery from where you normally study can increase your concentration and retention levels?

According to the article below, there are 17 scientifically proven methods to increase your productivity and retention of information when studying. Take a look and let us know which ones you’ve tried and how they worked for you.


17 Scientifically Proven Ways to Study Better This Year


We also polled our office assistants for the study strategies they use to be successful in their courses and here’s what they had to say:

Spacing out work is key, not cramming it all in and when you have free time try to use it to work on assignments or studying.

Courtney Waterbury

I like to rewrite my notes after lecture in a more organized way and picking out info that the teacher said was important. Also, making formula banks when necessary and flashcards are great!

Mandi Galaway

One big strategy that I have found helpful for studying is studying with a friend. Go through the material together and verbalize it. Create acronyms together or just repeat the material over and over again aloud! It is much more beneficial then just reading over your notes by yourself. I know we are all busy, but try to review your notes briefly after class. Even if you do it for fifteen minutes before going to sleep for the night, it will refresh your brain of the material you learned and allow you to be more prepped when exam time comes.

Michaela Possley

Re-writing notes, making note cards and making study sheets to quiz myself off of.

Crystal Wrensch

Study a little bit at a time everyday instead of just cramming for the test at the end.

Miranda Gammon