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**This page is intended for CAPP high school students. Undergraduate students not involved with CAPP should contact the Records Office regarding transcripts.**


Credit Recognition 

Every year, 94-99% of CAPP alumni report success in transferring their CAPP credits and earning recognition of these credits. Recognition of credits can vary by college or university, academic department, or what academic major you select. Recognition can come in the form of:

  1. Transfer of CAPP course with the credits earned (as a major elective, general elective, or degree requirement course)
  2. Exemption from a required course because a comparable course was successfully completed though CAPP
  3. Placement in an advanced course because the introductory level course was successfully completed through CAPP

This graph shows how CAPP credits have been recognized for students who completed CAPP during the 2013-2014 academic year. Credits may be recognized in any of these categories, or even all three!

 Keep in mind that credits do not count twice. In other words, though credits may be recognized in several ways, they may only be applied to a single category.

CAPP Credit Transfer

Here are various resources to help you compare how credits from UW Oshkosh may transfer to other Universities and colleges.

  • Credit Recognition Sheet is a compilation of colleges and universities that have specifically recognized UW Oshkosh credits earned through CAPP. This is not an all-inclusive list nor does it guarantee automatic recognition. This is based on annual surveys by previous CAPP students and colleges our office has contacted. This list will continue to be updated.
  • UConn Credit Transfer Database is a database compiled of research done by the UConn Early College Experience program on information about transferring concurrent enrollment credits. It is a simple database with transfer credit policies for many colleges and universities.  

Click here for corrections to common Credit Transfer misconceptions. Guard yourself from misinformation!


Be Prepared

It is important to be proactive and prepared in order to get the most out of your UWO credits.

  • If you are concerned about how exactly your credits will transfer, do your research. Many universities have transfer agreements on their websites. Otherwise, contact someone in the Admissions or Registrar's Office for assistance (email is a convenient way to keep the information for your records).
  • Planning a major in Nursing, Engineering, or Education? These majors tend to have very specific course requirements. Check with your intended college or university before you enroll to make sure your credits can be applied to these fields.
  • Some universities may request evidence of your course work to determine whether the content of your course is equivalent to their course. Start a folder with:
    1. Class syllabus
    2. Class projects and exams
    3. Unofficial transcript
  • Make sure to request your official transcript.

Placement Exams

Policies vary by College if they require you to still take a Placement Exam if you are transferring in that course. Please contact the Admissions Office at the university you wish to attend to verify their policy.

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