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NetID Password Change Help


I've used my NetID before, but I forgot my password, or it expired. How do I reset my password?

To reset your password online, you may use the Forgotten Password link at this page: "Forgotten Password".

Once you click Forgotten Password at the link above, you will need to enter your NetID username (look up in directory), and select your birthday using the included calendar feature. This will send a password reset email to your UW Oshkosh email account.

ALL CAPP STUDENTS have a UWO email account created automatically (Click here for instructions to access your UWO email account)

If you do not want to use your UWO email address, you must call the Help Desk to reset your password. The Help Desk is open from 7:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri and their number is 920-424-3020. You will be asked to confirm some personal information, and it is best to have access to a computer when you call. IMPORTANT: The student must call the Help Desk themselves, as the Help Desk cannot communicate account information with parents, teachers, or counselors.

I set up my NetID and remember my password, but how do I change my password to something else?

Everyone with a UW Oshkosh NetID must change their password every 180 days, or else they will be locked out of the account.

1. To change your password, go to

2. Make sure "Change Password" is selected.

3. Enter your NetID username in Box 1.

4. Enter your CURRENT password in Box 2.

5. Enter your NEW password in Box 3. An "acceptable password" message will appear to the right of the box if you have met the necessary password requirements.

6. Again enter your NEW password in Box 4. A "passwords match" message will appear if the passwords match (which they should).

7. Click Change Password

8. You will see a message that says password changed successfully. This is your new NetID password.

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