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Common Credit Transfer Misconceptions

Below are some common misconceptions and mistakes regarding the credit transfer process. Stay informed and try not to succumb to misinformation!

MisconceptionI am not planning to attend UWO, and my credits won't count anywhere else

Correction: UW Oshkosh credits will transfer to over 200 schools across the country! Please refer to the Credit Recognition Sheet above to see if your transfer school is on the list!

MisconceptionThe credits are not in my intended major, so I don't need them for my degree.

Correction: Even if the credits you earned at UWO are not in your intended major, they may still fill general degree requirements that are needed to graduate. Many times there is also a minimum number of total credits needed to graduate, and transferred UWO credits would add to this total!

MisconceptionI am not going to a 4-year university, so I can't transfer my credits.

Correction: Much like the answers above, this is not the case. Most CAPP courses are lower level college courses that often correspond to general education requirements, which are still needed at 2-year colleges.

Misconception: I did not earn a desirable grade in my CAPP course so I will not transfer my credits to another school.

Correction: You are required to submit all college-level course history when you apply to colleges and universities. This is why you should be aware of the procedures to drop CAPP courses. All courses dropped through the CAPP Office before the drop deadline will NOT appear on your UWO transcript.

Mistake: I do not know how to transfer my credits

Solution: If you do not know, just ask! We are always happy to help you make the most out of your CAPP experience, including taking those credits with you across the country! All of our contact information is found here.

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