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What does it mean to be a "college student"?

Enrolling in a CAPP course means you are enrolled in a college course and we therefore treat you as a college student! Being a college student can be quite different than a high school student. Taking a college course while still in high school can be a great way to learn about this new environment to make your transition go smoothly. Below are some resources to also help you in this transition.

Common College Lingo

Transitional Advising Help

Heading off to college next year? Fantastic! Here are some tips for success! 

 Tips for First Year Success

Adjusting to College Life

Look for "New Student Resources" at your college like this for understanding campus resources

Parents might need some help with the transition as well

Video Resources:

How to talk to a professor

How to use a syllabus

How to talk to your professor about grades

How to ask questions in class

How to ask your professor a question

Communicating with your professors

Professionalism in the classroom

What do I call a professor?

Is there extra credit in college?

How do I find the right time to talk to a professor?

What are office hours for?

Advice for Incoming Students


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