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1 + 3 Programs at UW Oshkosh

A 1+3 program is a program designed for high school students to graduate high school with one full year of college credits earned, and a guarantee to complete the specific degree program in only three years on campus. 

The CAP Program is excited to offer 1+3 programs in three different majors: Engineering Technology, Computer Science, and Information Systems.

Information Systems (IS) prepares students to create, deploy and manage information systems to integrate all aspects of a business. Coursework includes programming, systems analysis and design, database, networking, and electives such as mobile application development. Click here for the Information Systems Major website.

Computer Science majors start by focusing on general coursework, then choose one of two emphases to focus on during their later semesters. There is a Computer Science emphasis and a Software Engineering emphasis. Click here for the Computer Science Major website.

Engineering Technology is a new department at UW Oshkosh, and is the broad term covering three majors, Electrical Engineering Technology, Environmental Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering Technology. Click here to learn more about these majors.


For an overview of the 1+3 program with voice over, click here!

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