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CAPP vs. Advanced Placement

CAPP courses are actual college courses, where students may request an official UW Oshkosh transcript. Whereas Advanced Placement (AP) courses are essentially advanced high school-level courses, after which you take an exam that may or may not earn college credit upon admission.

With CAPP you are emerged in the pace, rigor and curriculum of a university course including the exams, papers, lab reports, etc., unlike Advanced Placement (AP) which offers a single, high-stakes test. With a CAPP course you are fully participating in a college course.

The Department of Public Instruction reports that in the state of Wisconsin only 20.6 percent of AP students receive a passing score (three, four or five); credit recognition is still not guaranteed. However, 98-99 percent of CAPP students receive credit from UW Oshkosh. Most CAPP students are successful in earning credit recognition for these credits at their college or university.

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