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High Schools

CAPP high schools enter into a contractual agreement with the University to offer UW Oshkosh courses and hire teachers who have master’s degrees in their discipline or an education-related area to teach college-level CAPP classes. These teachers must be approved by the academic department at the University and work closely with a university liaison professor.

Map or List of all High Schools Participating in CAPP.

    High School Benefits

    • Collegial connections between high school and university instructors.
    • Program articulation between high school and college.
    • The opportunity to collaborate with university faculty to prepare students for college courses.
    • Response to community concerns for gifted education.
    • Reduced curricular redundancy.


    Student Benefits

    For students the advantages are numerous. Besides providing dual credit, cost savings on college credits and the opportunity to test the rigors of college course work, CAPP offers:

    • An alternative to senior doldrums.
    • A transition and gradual introduction to university study while remaining with high school peers.
    • More scheduling flexibility when enrolling at a university.
    • Earlier completion of general education requirements.
    • Demonstration of academic seriousness to university admissions officials.
    • Possible early completion of a college degree program.
    • More Benefits


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