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Online Learning Myths

Myth: I can take as long as I want.

Fact: Online courses have definite due dates for accomplishing reading, participating in discussions and other activities.


Myth: Online courses are easy credits.

Fact: Although you are given the freedom not to meet in class, these courses have the same rigor and expectations as classroom courses.


Myth: Broken computers are great excuses.

Fact: Most instructors will not accept excuses involving broken equipment. You are highly recommended to use your school, library, etc. as resources.


Myth: I can hide out and remain anonymous.

Fact: Online courses are highly participatory and instructors expect a high level of commitment to discussions.


Myth: Cramming your work into one logon session is fine.

Fact: Many instructors require students to log on several times a week to ensure maximum learning and participation.


Myth: It is OK to procrastinate.

Fact: Students must be self-directed learners. Studies indicate those who succeed with online courses take responsibility for meeting deadlines.

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