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Potential Online Offerings

A list of potential courses through the CAPP program to receive college credit online from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.



Psychology 101 - 3 Credits

A beginning course in psychology designed to provide an understanding of contemporary approaches to human behavior and to lay the foundation for additional work in psychology. Students must complete a course research requirement.

Fulfills a general education requirement.


Medical Terminology

Kinesiology 170 - 1 Credit

This course will introduce the prospective athletic training student to terminology utilized in upper level coursework and health care settings.



Biology 211 - 3 Credits

This course provides a study of the fundamental structure and organization of the organs and systems of the human body. Prerequisite: "C" or better in Biology 105 or equivalent. This course is primarily for prospective physical education and nursing students.

Students must have a grade of C or better in Biology 105 or AP Biology.

Fulfills a general education natural science (NS) lab requirement, as well as program specific nursing and physical education requirements.


Active Lifestyles

Physical Education 105 - 2 Credits

All UW Oshkosh students are required to take this two-credit physical education requirement. This course is a contemporary examination of the effects of lifestyle, wellness and health promotion on the individual. Instruction in procedures for self-evaluation as well as an individualized exercise program for the development of health fitness. Participation in a planned program of aerobic activity is required.

Fulfills general education physical education requirement.


American Literature I

English 213 - 3 Credits

This is a study of American literature from its beginnings to the Civil War. Writing assignments will be required.

Students must have taken WBIS 188 or English 101 or 110.

Fulfills a general education humanities (HU) requirement.


American Government and Politics

Political Science 105 - 3 Credits

This course covers organizations, principles and working practices of the American National Government in all its branches.

Satisfies a general education social science (SS) requirement.

Elementary Statistics

Math 109 - 3 credits
Descriptive statistics, elementary probability theory, sampling distributions, basic problems of statistical inference including estimation and confidence intervals, tests of hypothesis and regression. 
Prerequisites: Mathematics 103 with a grade of C or better or placement.

Calculus I

Math 171 - 4 Credits

Learn and discuss real valued functions of a single variable: the concept of derivative, anti derivative and definite integral: differentiation and applications, including optimization and curve-sketching. There is an emphasis on problem solving, approximation, data analysis and visualization. A graphics programmable calculator is required.

The prerequisite is an acceptable score on each of three different sections of the Wisconsin Math Placement Test:  376 or better on the basic math skills section; 536 or higher on the algebra section; and 566 or higher on the trigonometry section. For test cores, please contact Sandy Krebs at (920) 424-3454 or Julie Wilkinson at (920) 424-3007.

Satisfies a general education math (MA) requirement.


Calculus II

Math 172 - 4 Credits (available second semester only)

Learn definite integration, approximation and improper integrals. Topics covered include numerical differential equations, slope fields, Euler's method and mathematical modeling. Taylor and Fourier Series. A graphics programmable calculator is required.

The prerequisite for this course is Math 171 (Calculus I) with a grade of C or better.



Economics 106 - 3 Credits

Analysis of some of the major current issues in the American economy undertaken after a historical survey of the emergence of modern economic institutions.

Satisfies a general education social science (SS) requirement.

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