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CAPP Summer Academy 2017

The CAPP Office is excited to offer the following summer course offerings for Summer 2017.

We will be offering Academic Skills 125 (Comprehensive Study Skills) and Academic Skills 169 (College Reading Strategies. Both are 1 credit courses and are offered 100% online.

These courses will both run during the first 4 week session.

Spanning the full 8 week session are Sociology 101 (3 cr), Phy Ed 105-Active Lifestyle (2 cr), Health Ed 106-Personal Health and Wellness (3 cr), Phy Ed 320-Contemporary Issues in Coaching (3 cr).

 If you are interested in these courses, you must apply and register, like during the regular school year. You will be required contact the Admissions Office to enroll as a High School Special student to take this course. After you have applied, you should send this registration form to the CAPP Office by June 5th. More information is written on the registration form.

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