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CAPP Billing and Payment Procedures

Beginning Fall 2022, CAPP courses will be billed directly to students through TitanWeb, the same way that all other UWO courses are billed. Payment is the final step of CAPP sign up so you must apply and register first.

We understand that this is an unfamiliar process, so please pay close attention to our instructions, as they’ve been developed specifically for CAPP.

Tuition for 2022-23 is $100/credit.

Not sure how many credits your course is? Check here:

  • Reduced tuition is available for students on the federal Free/Reduced Lunch program. To request this reduction, please complete this form (requires UWO student ID number): This form is ONLY for the 22-23 school year.

When do charges appear?

You have to both apply AND register before anything is charged.

Tuition is charged as the final step in a sequence events that includes student online registration. Tuition charges will start appearing 2-4 weeks after the registration deadline for your class, but it may take longer if you did not complete the Financial Agreement in TitanWeb (see box 2 on the Online Registration page).

You can check for charges by logging in to TitanWeb, or checking your UWO email address for email notifications. Log in instructions for each of these is on the Online Registration page.

Regardless of when tuition is charged, you must meet payment deadlines shown in the information below.


Tuition is due in segments, though it can be fully paid at any time, and you can also pay in smaller installments over time as long as the broad deadline is met.

All current deadlines are posted to the Student Financial Services website (listed below for convenience). Take note that CAPP students skip the first payment deadline and instead pay 55% at the next deadline (see below). Here is the link to official deadlines:

Because of the CAPP timelines, the first deadline actually combines the first two official deadlines and amount. CAPP students are NOT responsible for the September (for Fall) or February (for Spring) payment deadline posted at the link above.

♦ Classes with August/September start date (regardless of class length)
Amount Due Deadline
55% of total bill October 28, 2022
Remaining amount of bill November 28, 2022
♦ Classes with November/December start date (Tri/Quart)
Amount Due Deadline
Full Amount January 17, 2023
♦ Classes with January start date
Amount Due Deadline
55% of total bill March 27, 2023
Remaining amount of bill April 28, 2023
♦ Classes with March/April start date (Tri/Quart)
Amount Due Deadline
Full Amount TBA (May 2023)


There are four ways to submit payment..

E-check (online, $0.50 convenience fee, most popular option) (instructions in below video)

Credit Card (online, 2,85% convenience fee) (instructions in below video)

Mailing a check/money order (cost of postage, no convenience fee)

  • Make checks out to UW Oshkosh. Mail to:
    • UW Oshkosh Cashier
    • 800 Algoma Blvd
    • Oshkosh, WI 54901
  • Checks MUST INCLUDE the UWO student ID number in order to ensure it goes to the correct student account.

Bring payment (check, cash, traveler’s check, money order) physically to campus, to the Cashier’s Window (Dempsey hall, second floor, halfway down the central hallway). After hours there is a secure depository box on the wall next to the window.

What you need to know:

  • Bills now follow the UWO campus timelines and deadlines
  • Billing reminders are sent to your UW Oshkosh student email address.
  • Bills are paid online, either through E-Check or with a credit card (E-Check recommended).
  • By billing students directly, it is now possible to provide a 1098-T form for taxes.
  • Exceptions previously made for late adds/late drops due to payment status are no longer possible.

What happens if you do not pay your UWO CAPP tuition bill (escalating steps):

  • A late fee is added to your bill and a 1% finance charge is added on remaining balance (increasing the total amount due).
  • All future enrollment is blocked
  • No access to transcripts (cannot send the credits to another school)
  • A paper statement of the past due bill will be mailed out
  • The bill will be assigned to ECSI (an external payment service) and additional late fees will be assigned
  • If the bill is still not paid, the bill will be assigned to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, which may seize your checking account, tax returns, and more.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Payments are fully online through TitanWeb. Please reference the video above for a walkthrough.


Q: Are any fee reductions available?

A: As in previous years, students on Free/Reduced Lunch, as per federal guidelines, are charged at 50%, or $50/credit. These students must self-identify using the form linked above the video. No other reductions or scholarships are available.


Q: How do parents get access to the bill?

A: You can either have your student sign in next to you, or you can have them set you up as a proxy. The proxy set-up instructions are in the video above.


Q: Can I have the class dropped if I don’t pay tuition?

A: No. Once you are enrolled, you can only drop in certain timelines or in certain circumstances. Drop deadlines and procedures are on this page:  All classes that are not dropped by this procedure are subject to full tuition payments. See previous tab “What happens if you don’t pay” for the sequence of consequences for non-payment.


Q: My school usually covers some or all of CAPP tuition. How will that work?

A: All bills are still assigned to student accounts. However, the school can submit notice to us that they are paying certain amounts. The school will then be charged for the specified amount, which will be reduced from the student bill.


Q: How do we get a 1098-T?

A: Yes, 1098-T tax forms are now available under the direct-billing model. Please see more information on the Student Financial Services website:


CAPP operates on a later timeline than on-campus students, so the first portion of tuition is due later. See above for actual dates.

Contact Us

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Fax: (920) 424-3125

UW Oshkosh CAPP

Hours: M–F 7:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

New location: Swart 128 (within COLS Dean's Suite)

Mailing Address

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