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TitanCards Information

TitanCards are the official identification card for every student, faculty and staff member at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Schools participating in CAPP may choose to have their students get Student ID Cards (UW Oshkosh TitanCards), courtesy of the CAP Program.

Services available with a TitanCard include:

  • Borrowing privileges at UW Oshkosh Polk Library (NOT needed for electronic resources - use NetID log in)
  • Access and borrowing privileges at other UW System libraries
  • Use of UW Oshkosh computer labs
  • Oshkosh Transit system
  • Discounts for campus activities (varies)

Obtaining a TitanCard during Campus Visit

During your campus visit to UW Oshkosh, you can schedule time for your students to receive their TitanCard. They will have their photo taken and the cards can be picked up later that day. Visit Campus Visits page for more information.

Obtaining a TitanCard by Mail

Schools may choose to have their participating students get TitanCards without coming to campus.  This is of particular value to schools where CAPP courses have limited access to our campus or where class visits are scheduled late in the school term.

In order to obtain a TitanCard by mail for CAPP students, the high school should:

  1. Provide digital photographs of each registered CAPP student, identified with the student’s name as the file name. Digital photos taken for most high school photo ID cards are of sufficient quality. Requirements for photos include:
    • Format should be .jpg or .jpeg, with file sizes between 15K and 30K.
    • Please do not resize or crop the photos, Titan Central will take care of that.
    • Should have a proper (solid, neutral colored) background.
    • No sunglasses (wearing or resting on top of head), hats, or hair hanging in face.
    • Allow adequate margin.
    • Natural expression.
    • Proper lighting.
  2. Email the photos in a single file attachment (preferably in .zip format) to CAPP at capp@uwosh.eduBe sure to include the name of a contact person at your school to whom the cards should be returned for distribution to the students.
  3. Upon verification of the students’ registration, TitanCards will be produced and activated at UW Oshkosh Polk Library for use at all UW System libraries. The cards will be mailed to the school for distribution. Please allow one to two weeks to receive TitanCards.

 UPDATE FOR 2016: Schools requesting TitanCards sent through the mail must agree to follow appropriate student identification verification procedures. Please see this letter for more information on the verification procedure, and have a representative from your school sign this release and perform the identification checks.

Note: Students who have previously been issued a TitanCard will be charged a $10 for a duplicate ID card.

Students who come to UW Oshkosh should bring their CAPP TitanCard to Odyssey. They will waive the fee to get a new ID.

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