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When is a Credit Overload Form required?

A Credit Overload Form is required when you wish to register for more that 15 credits in one semester. This includes CAPP credits taken in your high school, as well as any Youth Options or other courses taken on campus at UWO. 

If you are taking a year long CAPP course at your high school, then those credits will add to your overload for both semesters. For example, a 5 credit Spanish 204 course will contribute 5 credits to your credit load for fall and 5 credits to your credit load for spring. You will still only pay tuition once for the 5 credits in the fall, and will receive only 5 credits for the course in the spring.

Credit Overload Form Instructions

University policy treats CAPP students as incoming freshman in that they are only allowed to enroll in up to 15 credits in one semester. Both pages of this form must be completed if a student wishes to request enrollment in more than 15 credits.

  • Student completes
  • Guidance Counselor approves/signs as Academic Advisor
  • Send/email/fax to CAPP Office (not UARC)
  • CAPP Director makes the final approval 

**Make sure you provide the correct course information. You may view course information here:

Click here to open the Credit Overload Request Form

FAX: 920-424-3125

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