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Campus Visits

A CAPP campus visit is a great opportunity for the CAPP students and adjunct to visit UW Oshkosh; providing both with important interaction between the liaison, CAPP and on-campus activities.

Most campus visits include attending a campus class. This visit can be accompanied with many other activities, as described below. If you have other requests or ideas, please let us know and we are happy to look into them.

Schedule Your Visit with a Campus Visit Request Form

Even if a visit is combined with other CAPP classes, each adjunct instructor must schedule a campus visit by completing the Campus Visit Request Form and submitting it to one of the following at least two weeks prior to the visit:

  • Email:
  • Fax: (920) 424-3125
  • Mail: 
    Cooperative Academic Partnership Program
    University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
    800 Algoma Blvd.
    Oshkosh, WI 54901

Note: Telephone requests will not be taken. Foreign language classes that are requesting the language lab require additional advance notice.

Please schedule with your liaison: Meeting with Liaison, Attend a Campus Class, or Foreign Language Lab before submitting your form. Include that information on the bottom of your form.

Liaisons: Keep in mind that if your adjunct will be attending an on-campus class, they will contact you to set up a day and time, before submitting the campus visit form. Please confirm the class number, time, place, number of total students attending the class and instructor with your adjunct; they will add this information into the comment box located at the bottom of the Campus Visit form.

Campus Visit Activities

  • Meet & Greet with CAPP Representative: Provides the student and adjunct a face-to-face meeting with someone from the CAPP office who will share information about the program, new policies and answer questions. Refreshments are provided. Duration: 30 minutes
  • Library Tour and Instruction: As an instructor or student in CAPP, you have access to all the library's services and resources. In addition to cataloging more than 135,000 books and other library materials, UW Oshkosh’s Polk Library provides the University community with access to a wide range of electronic information. Library Instruction includes electronic hands-on instruction tailored to your research needs. Duration: 15 minutes for the library tour and 45 minutes for library resources instruction.
    Note: There is a 38-person maximum for each library instruction session.
  • Career Services: This University department is dedicated to creating a climate where students and alumni can access the resources needed to succeed in their professional career. Presentation is personalized for your class and students. Duration: 20-25 minutes
  • TitanCard: TitanCard is the official identification card for every student, faculty and staff member at UW Oshkosh. It allows CAPP students access to library resources, borrowing privileges, and use of UW Oshkosh computer labs. Only registered CAPP students without a previously issued card are eligible to receive a TitanCard.  Each student will have their photo taken – the TitanCard will not be issued at the same time. Before leaving for the day, be sure to stop back to Titan Central to pick up your cards. Duration: 30 minutes (max) to have photo taken. It takes approximately two hours for the TitanCard to be processed.
  • Study Abroad Presentation: The Office of International Education will present about what resources they have available to students.  The University has International Studies and Foreign Language departments, offers programs of study in various topics related to globalization, and has a number of offices and clubs on campus dedicated to diversity, cultural awareness, and international issues.  This is a wonderful presentation for Foreign Language, Art, History, and English classes. Duration: 30-45 minutes
  • Meet with the Liaison: Contact your liaison before submitting the Campus Visit form to select time and place for your visit; be sure to include this information on the bottom of your Campus Visit Request form. Duration: Varies
  • Attend a Class: Contact your liaison before submitting the Campus Visit form to make arrangements for what class to attend, time, and room; be sure to include this information on the bottom of your Campus Visit Request form. Duration: Varies, typically one hour
  • Foreign Language Lab: Contact your liaison before submitting the Campus Visit Request form to make arrangements. This lab has a seating capacity for 25 students. Our lab would require students to login to their UW Oshkosh student accounts, which will need to be set up, and the student is able to log in before attending the lab. Duration: Varies.

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