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CAPP gives teachers the opportunity to develop professionally while delivering rigorous curriculum to students interested in earning concurrent high school and college credit. Many current CAPP adjuncts report loving the experience and find it very rewarding. Most report being energized as a teacher once becoming involved with CAPP.

With more than 200 teachers and 3,000 students participating each year, CAPP is designed to provide meaningful and challenging experiences through high-quality, college-level material.

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Professional Development 
Through an annual professional development allocation of $300 and summer workshops, CAPP teachers have the opportunity to enhance their career, meet continuing education requirements and accomplish goals.

Professional Development Scholarship
CAPP assists teachers who need a few graduate courses in order to be approved to teach CAPP. Learn more.

University Resources 
There are many resources available to CAPP teachers, including materials from Polk Library and on-campus computer labs. CAPP teachers also receive a TitanCard, the official identification card at UW Oshkosh. The card provides teachers access to music and theatre productions, athletic games and campus community events.

All CAPP teachers are appointed as adjunct instructors at the University and work cooperatively with professors to implement college courses. Teaching and collaborating in a collegiate environment gives teachers professional experience unlike any other. Liaison Directory

No Cost to Schools
Unlike Youth Options and similar programs, there are no obligatory costs associated with offering CAPP courses. CAPP offers actual college courses where students earn college credits that appear on an official UW Oshkosh transcript.

Reduced Tuition
CAPP tuition is based on the number of credit hours for each course. Enrolled students pay less than half the standard per-credit tuition rate and receive a TitanCard, which provides them the same University resources as teachers receive.

CAPP adjuncts also receive a $450 honorarium for each course they teach each year. If the UW Oshkosh course has more than 10 enrolled, the adjunct receives an additional $200. 


Teachers with a master's degree are eligible to teach CAPP courses. Upon approval by the UW Oshkosh academic department of the teacher's subject, a teacher will be appointed as an adjunct instructor at the University and work cooperatively with professors to implement the college course. View department's adjunct requirements.

For teachers without a master's degree, UW Oshkosh offers several courses and programs to help achieve content-related graduate credits.

Learn about CAPP's student eligibility requirements.

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