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Urban Planning

Course Offerings

Urban Planning 500 3 (crs.)

Introduction to Urban Planning

An overview of urban and regional planning including the history of planning, major types of planning techniques and theory, values of planners, and strategies for planning effectiveness. Prerequisites: Urban Planning 131 with a grade of C or better and 45 credits earned. 300/500

Urban Planning 517 3 (crs.)

Land Use Regulation

An overview of the purposes, theoretical and legal issues, tools, and techniques of land use planning and regulation. 317/517

Urban Planning 520 3 (crs.)


An overview of urban housing including its recent history, the nature of the housing market, the impact of housing on society, government regulation and assistance, and new housing patterns. Prerequisites: Urban Planning 300/500 (may be taken concurrently with Urban Planning 320/520) 320/520